Folk songs sung in Himachal Pradesh

Folk songs sung in Himachal Pradesh The folk songs of Himachal Pradesh are very melodious and enjoyable. The subject of these folk songs can be related to everything from ordinary life to history, religion, Puranas etc. but the folk songs often sung are related to Prem-Veer-Gathas, Dev-Stuti, Ritu-Prabhat and social ties, social festivals etc. There […]

let us known know about Mandi the hill queen of Himachal

let us known know about Mandi the hill queen of Himachal Mandi in Himachal Pradesh is often called “Varanasi of Hills” or “Chhoti Kashi” or “Kashi of Himachal”. Just as it is said that Banaras is the city of Shiva and you will find temples of every God in Kashi, in the same way if […]

Dhankar, the beautiful village of Himachal is no less than a paradise

If you are fond of traveling and want to make travel exciting, then you must definitely visit the beautiful and unknown Dhankar village of Himachal. With rocky hills and winding paths, it serves to thrill the tourists a lot. With a height of 3,894 meters above sea level, this hill village is located between the […]

famous valleys of Himachal Pradesh

Every ecosystem of nature has its own beauty, whose experience is also different and beautiful. The panoramic view of nature surrounded by high mountains, litigants evokes a different feeling in the minds of people. Wherever you look, the beauty of nature is seen from a new perspective. Similarly, Himachal Pradesh has some beautiful valleys. Spiti […]

Top famous fairs in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is the land of gods and goddesses, which is why many fairs are celebrated here. These fairs are celebrated in religious places and temple premises. People of different religions come here with devotion and faith. These fairs have philosophies of different kinds of culture. Nayana Devi Fair A fair of Shri Nayana Devi is […]